How to Add New Theme to WordPress?

Adding a new theme means that a theme is already installed on your WordPress and need to be activated and in this tutorial you will learn how to add /activate a new theme to your WordPress site.

This tutorial is primarily for the purpose of adding/activating a WordPress theme that is already installed on your WP platform.

Go to your WordPress dashboard on the right menu, in the middle you will find the option 'Appearance', hover your mouse on it and a fly-out will appear having 'Themes' option at the top:

Add Theme

Click on the 'Themes' option and all the themes that you have installed will open in front of you. If you have not installed any new theme only the default installed themes will be visible to you. When the new window opens with the themes on it you have 2 methods to install a new theme on your WordPress site:

1. Hover your mouse on any theme, when its color changes look at the bottom of the theme and you will see the option 'Activate' and 'Live Preview',  

Add Theme

If you are well aware of the theme design then simply click on the 'Activate' option and this new theme will be activated and design of your website will be changed. However if you want to see the theme's design before activating then click on 'Live Preview' option and a the theme will load showing you the design it has, then on the top left of your screen you will find the option 'Save & Activate' clicking on which your new theme will show up.

If you desire to know about the details of the theme you are adding then click on the black button option of 'Theme Details' and a new window will open showing you the details which the theme publisher has added with it.

You will find the option of 'Activate' and 'Live Preview' at the center bottom of the page from which you can use your desired option. Click on 'Activate' to add the theme in your WordPress blog and that's it.

Add Theme

Now your required theme has moved from middle (No. 2) position to number 1 that means that this theme is active and now you can play with it according to your desire and needs.

The whole process of adding a new theme to your WordPress site is very simple and if you are new to it then repeating the process 2-3 times will make you comfortable with the process. Remember the theme you like to add must first be installed on your WordPress platform.

How to Install New Theme to WordPress?

It is very simple and detailed tutorial about installing a new theme to WordPress will make the procedure clear to you.

Always remember to use lightweight and simple themes so that you can manage them easily, yes when you get expert then you can opt for advanced themes according to your desire. If you only use WordPress platform then search for some good WordPress Host to get your site hosted because an exclusive WordPress hosting offers many benefits. If you are to busy to manage your WP tasks then there are several managed WP hosting providers who can help you to look after your tasks on nominal fee.


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