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Web Hosting Reviews for your guidance where you will find totally unbiased and true hosting reviews of those web hosts about which I have personnel experience for many years. All the reviews of web hosts given on this website are not bulk reviews because this is not an exclusive hosting reviews website but a knowledge house about web hosting so you can expect personalize reviews only.

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Why You Need Web Hosting Reviews?

Since web hosting companies are scattered on the internet in a great number and resellers are adding up in thousands so it gets difficult for a newbie webmaster to decide about the right web host that suits his requirement. Keeping in view the need of new webmasters we have added hosting reviews for your guidance, so that you can select the right web host for your website or blog. Before I forget please remember the web hosts I have mentioned above are reviewed for shared hosting packages only, if you are looking for some special WordPress Hosting for your WP site then your requirement will be different. Similarly if you are new to the online world then you may also like to have Managed WordPress Hosting initially to get experience without being worried about management and security of your website. For this you will require exclusive reviews about web hosts that provide such type of hosting that is quite different and expensive than normal one.

Buying web hosting is a tricky subject and due to variety of hosting packages the new comers often get confused so it is advised to use your own due diligence after reading the hosting reviews. Since all the packages announced by the web hosts are not suitable for everybody alike so it is rational to not to recommend only single web host to everybody. You are best judge of your web hosting requirement and only you can decide better about it. All the web hosting reviews given on this website are just for informational purpose, read them, study deeply, visit the web host yourself, talk with them and then decide.

Should You Believe the Hosting Reviews?

Web hosting is required by everyone who owns a website or a blog, without which one cannot showcase his products and services online. Not everybody has a good know-how about hosting companies so most of the webmasters have to rely on web hosting reviews. There are number of online blogs who offer such reviews about the hosting companies but the point is should you believe the hosting reviews given on the web.

You will find hundreds and thousands of such websites, just Google it and you’ll be amazed by the number of people who claim to know each and every hosting company on the planet.

Before going ahead let me tell you one secret (open one of course…) that writing web hosting reviews itself is a multi-million dollar industry. Each hosting reviews website you come across will show you top 10 or top 5 hosting companies from their list. Almost everyone will have different priorities. Of course they may have different experience with their web-hosts and they are justified to list them accordingly.

Why People Write Hosting Reviews?

There’s nothing free in this world and same goes to the web hosting reviews also. Just ask yourself a simple question why would one spend time on praising a company? Almost every web host offer a affiliate program through which anybody can earn money. This is a simple sort of marketing and is not only restricted to web hosting. People create a website and write reviews about different web hosting companies after signing up with their affiliate program and put their affiliate ID  in the links of the reviews. When anybody clicks on those links they are taken to the web hosting company’s website. If they purchase hosting package from that web host the web master earn a handful commission that may range from $5o-$100 or may be more. There are certain WordPress hosts that pay about $200 to their affiliates for referring a client to their website, so it is surely a very attractive offer and it is obvious that why one shouldn't write a review about it. I don't see any thing wrong in it, do you?

This is how web hosting reviews websites earn money and there’s nothing bad in that, is it? Point to remember is that the customer is not charged extra at all, the affiliates only get a portion from the company’s earning, SO YOU ARE NOT HARMED.

Hosting Reviews By Several Different People

Some web hosting reviews websites that are owned by clever webmasters add a comment system where people add their own experiences about the web hosting companies. In addition to this there is also a rating system given there with the help of which people can rate a host.

This whole practice seems very natural to many  as the reviews are not added by a single person, so should we believe this? There seems to be no reason not to believe them BUT what can be done if some hosting company or others on their behalf adopt black hat tactics by adding several hosting reviews with different usernames?

Editors’ Recommendations

Similarly if a webmaster is paid higher commission by a web host for strongly recommending him, he will of course give it higher priority and can say ‘Featured Host’, ‘Best Host’, ‘Recommended Host’ or ‘Editors’ Pick’ etc. So a newbie or an inexperienced person has no option but to believe him.

Well these are all the tactics and we have to live with these facts. There are so many web hosting companies on scattered on the web that often it gets difficult to decide confidently and choose the right host.

How to Get Best Reviews?

If you ask me about best web hosting reviews you can get from a live person who has already experience with that particular web host. Since he has hosted his own website with that company so he can guide you better about the good and bad points about it. If he asks you to buy the hosting through his affiliate link then do it without hesitation because you will not lose anything but your friend might get some bucks.

If you are totally new to the hosting world then read and gather as much information as you can. The following articles may give you some knowledge:

If you have no such person to help you then there’s no option but to believe the web hosting reviews given on different websites. However you can adopt due diligence and spend some time on studying the packages of different hosting companies. You may try the following:

You of course need web hosting otherwise you shouldn’t be reading this post. So even if you are not confident enough then simply buy and try a hosting package from a web host who offers 30 days or 60 days money back guarantee. When you are confident then you can opt for longer durations. Web hosting reviews are scattered online in bulk and it is you only who have to exercise due diligence, use your common sense and decide whether you should believe or not the web hosting reviews.


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