What is Hidden Text?

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: SEO

Hidden text is the text in a webpage that is not visible to the visitors but search engine spiders and bots can read it from the source code. Hidden text is normally created by keeping the text color same as the page background.

This hides it visually from the eyes of the visitors but since search engine bots are only concerned with the source code of a webpage so they can read it.

Using hidden text is considered to be a black hat SEO method and involves using un-related keywords and text to deceive search engines to rank that webpage higher on the SERP(s) for that particular keyword.

This answers the question: What is Hidden Text?

For example a doorway page is created and fully optimized for '10 tips to lose weight quickly', and it get top ranking on SERPs. A visitor who is interested in losing weight quickly will surely want to read the tips but he's taken to a weight loss medicine page. How will you feel about that?

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