Getting Traffic & Links Through Forum Marketing

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: SEO

Forum marketing is a very useful way of getting targeted traffic to your blog. Since forums are social meeting place that are visited by number of people daily so there are great chances that you can get lot of traffic from here

Forums are mostly topic or niche based so people with a specific interest post questions or their problems here and other forum members who know the answer or solution to the problem post their replies. This way the particular forum becomes a discussion place, benefiting the forum members.

Benefits of Forum Marketing

Making proper use of forums will benefit you in three ways:

Now let’s see how you can achieve the above benefits?

Most of the forums require simple registration i.e. username, email etc. When you are accepted in a forum you can update your profile with necessary details. There’s an option known as “signature file” where you can insert your keywords as an anchor text with a link to your blog. For example

“Learn Forum Marketing The Wise Way”

This signature file will be inserted at the bottom of every post you make.

Now if you joined a forum which is according to your blog niche and made useful posts, people will surely try to know more about you by clicking on your signature file……Thus a flow of quality targeted traffic for your blog.

Coming over to the 2nd point i.e. getting dofollow link for SEO purpose. In most of the forums you will see a place where you can mention your blog/website address, which gives you a one way back link. Otherwise you can consider your signature file as a most valuable link.

If you have worked hard in searching for some good high pagerank dofollow forums, you will be on your way to own a successful blog.

Important Points To Remember Forum Marketing

  • Search for some good high pagerank dofollow forums in your niche i.e. relating to your blog topic. Say if your blog is fashion related then search “fashion forums” or “fashion discussion” etc in Google and you will get a long list of fashion related forums.

  • Join forums with good number of members so that you can get traffic from them. Normally forums with 1000+ members are good for this purpose.

  • Join only “active forums” to get benefit. For this check up the date of latest posts, if it is current date it shows the forum is active.

  • Most of the good forums are moderated so make relevant and useful posts; otherwise you may get banned from the forum. Making useful posts will not only earn you good reputation but also increase your chances of “getting traffic”.

  • Avoid “made only for ads forums”, as other members will only be posting ads in it and will not be interested in reading your posts.

  • Try to be regular in making posts so that other forum members can remember you. An active useful participant is respected more and chances for getting traffic increase manifold.

  • Final Word

    Forum marketing is no doubt a very useful but somewhat neglected method of getting quality targeted traffic. If done wisely it can prove to be very beneficial for your blog. In addition to the traffic you can also get valuable one way back link from the forums. Happy Forum Marketing


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