Blog Comments That Never Get Rejected

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: SEO

There are millions of blogs and forums in the cyber world in almost every niche. Webmasters who are interested in getting quality backlinks are always in search of dofollow blogs and forums. Of course there are a great number of them who accept links in their comments.

Out of all high pagerank dofollow blogs and forums 95% or above have comment moderation on. This means that whatever you comment on a blog post it will be reviewed by the blog owner. If he deems it fit then he may allow your comment to appear on the blog with a link to your site or blog.

Several bloggers don’t spend time on reading the full blog post and simply comment like, ‘great post, I like it, keep it up’ etc. Well this is not an effective way to get link. Most of the comments like this are turned down due to obvious reasons. As the blog owner understands that you have not read his post and are merely mocking.

Following are the some types of comments which have a greater possibility to be accepted by the blog owner:

Add To The Knowledge

Read the blog post carefully. If the blog is about your niche then you certainly possess some knowledge on the subject. So add some information on the topic which can prove beneficial to others. This way the blogger will love to add it in his blog.

Ask a Question

A blogger likes the people who ask him something about the post. This way he gets an impression that you have read his post carefully and want to get additional information about the subject.

Remember your relevant questions will also benefit other readers to. A blogger who posted an article will surely read the comments and feedback. If he likes your question, he will definitely add it of course with your link.

Point Out Mistakes

Well this can act as a double edge weapon. If you find any mistake in the information, you may like to point out t to the blogger. Of course this benefits others in a large spectrum. However a blogger himself may or may not like it. To me greater percentage of the bloggers will like it or they will clarify your doubt about it.

Whatever is the case, if you are sure then do point out any wrong information. Even if your comment is not added, it will do some good to the humanity. If you point out something in a decent and respectful manner the blogger will certainly not mind it. So always do it in such a nice manner that the blogger have no option but just to add your comment.

Final Word

Remember there are limitations of every blogger, so be patient after posting. Bookmark the particular page in a separated folder and check it often to see whether your comment appeared on the blog post or not. If your comment appeared with dofollow link then add that blog in your special list for further commenting. Happy Posting


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