InMotion WordPress Hosting Review

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Web Hosting

InMotion WordPress hosting review is based on facts, figures and personnel experience, read why InMotion WordPress Hosting is the best and cheapest of all.

InMotion Hosting is a well known and respected web-host since 2001 and if you want to know about company details then read InMotion Review because this page is about InMotion WordPress Hosting Review only. The recommendations are based on the WordPress Hosting Comparison of top web hosts. Lets see what all is included in InMotion WordPress Hosting:

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WordPress Pre-Installed & Ready: InMotion offers the facility of WordPress pre-installed and ready for your use the minute your hosting account is set up. This saves you from the hustle of installing the WordPress yourself. The option of pre-installed WordPress can be selected at the time of signing up.

Free Domain: Yes, you get a free domain name of your choice for your new WordPress site. Normally a domain name costs you about $15, so signing up for Inmotion WordPress hosting plan can save you this much of amount right away.

Number of Sites Allowed 2: This is the best option provided by Inmotion that you can host 2 websites in one account. Other web hosts allow you to have just 1 website. This is one of the primary reasons that I’ve written this InMotion WordPress Hosting Review for you. It means that the total yearly hosting charges are to be divided by 2 and that makes InMotion WordPress hosting the cheapest of all.

There are different WordPress hosting plans with number of sites allowed:

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Unlimited Bandwidth & Space: Unlike other WordPress web hosts as HostGator & SiteGround, you are provided with unlimited bandwidth & disk space, of course with some industry standard terms of use restrictions. This makes InMotion WordPress hosting more favorable than others.

Free SSD Drives: Web hosting companies have started updating their infrastructure by adding state of the art modern equipment to their servers. While some of the web hosts charge their clients for it InMotion WordPress comes with FREE SSDs.

A word about them: SSD stands for ‘Solid State Drives’, they are much better than normal mechanical hard drives and provide extremely high quality performance and stability.

Free Site Transfers: if you have a website hosted with some other web host and want to transfer it to Inmotion WordPress hosting then you need not worry about the transfer headaches. The Inmotion staff will help you to transfer all databases, files, e-mails etc free of cost with no downtime. So during the transfer process your visitors will not be affected at all.

Free Backups: since WordPress sites are run through databases so to ensure the availability and security of the websites regular backups are important. You are provided with free backups of your website if you require so. While it is your own duty to create and save the backups with you, InMotion restoration of any lost account is limited to once every 4 months.

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90 Days Money Back Guarantee: Normal hosting industry standard for money back guarantee is 30-45 days, mostly it is for 30 days only. However InMotion host is so confident about their services that they give generous 90 days to their clients for testing their services. During this period you can fully test drive all the features and if you are not satisfied then you can surely ask for a refund.

Free Website Builder: This is such a great facility that is unmatchable and let you to build a beautiful website very easily. InMotion has partnered with BoldGrid to provide their clients with free site builder.

For those of you who are not aware about BoldGrid, it is a robust, free drag and drop website builder to create stunning websites very easily and quickly without any coding knowledge. Inmotion WordPress hosting plan offers this right at the time of sign up. In addition to this you also get free content specifically for your industry and you are free to make changes according to your requirements.

To learn more about it watch the video below:

E-Commerce Websites: if you are a small business then InMotion is a leading E-Commerce web host for you. Whether you are a small cyberpreneur that uses shopping cart to sell products online or simply desire to collect payments, donations online, InMotion provides you with 1-click shopping cart installation. So you can have your online business ready to be launched easily. If you are looking for business web hosting then this web host is the right choice for you.

These were some of the plus points of InMotion WordPress those have forced me to write this InMotion WordPress hosting review, if you have some experience with them then please do share it with me to further polish this review.

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