Truth About Web Hosting Reviews?

If you are new to web hosting industry then you must be searching for some good web host and visiting so many hosting reviews sites for reading reviews about them. When you are looking for hosting reviews you will come across thousands of websites tailored for this specific purpose.

Some questions may come in your mind like:

This is but natural that every prudent person may have such thoughts and I will try to answer these questions in the preceding lines.

Why So Many Hosting Reviews Websites?

Before going ahead just have a look on the number of review websites available through Google search:

Hosting Reviews Searches

If you search for the term ‘web hosting reviews’ then there are 92 million results related to the term, and that is of course a huge number. You can well imagine the number of resources available for this purpose. If you search for the same term more specifically by using inverted commas even then the results of the search are breath taking, have a look on the image below:

Host Reviews Searches

Web hosting is a multi-billion dollar industry and due to the increased usage of internet through out the world more and more people are entering in to the online world. Companies are creating websites to connect with their potential client and desire to have an effective online presence. Similarly e-commerce and online shops are trying to expand their businesses.

All these factors made web hosting a must to have thing because no website can be seen online without a hosting. Hosting companies are trying to get new customers so they ask other people to become their affiliates for increasing their sales. In return they pay hefty commissions to them ranging from $50-$100 plus that is very attractive, so several people join them and create a web hosting reviews website and start attracting visitors. If anybody clicks on their affiliate link that goes to the web hosts’ website and when he buys hosting, the affiliates make commissions..

This does not cost anything extra to the person using affiliate link, the affiliate is paid by the hosting company, so if you buy hosting through some affiliate link then you don’t have to worry for any extra charges.

Keeping in view the amount of money involved more and more people are becoming affiliates and number of websites for review purpose is rising day and night.

Are They All Hosting Experts?

Unluckily the answer is a big ‘NO’, this is for sure that not all affiliates are web hosting experts, they gather the web hosts data from different online resources and just jot it down to create a web host reviews website. Of course it is not an obligation to be a hosting expert in order to maintain a review website. Writing reviews is an art and anybody with good editorial skills can write a review about any company.

I will emphasize on this point again that it is not necessary that only web hosting experts can write reviews so I don’t think so any special expertise is required for it and you don’t have to take it that seriously.

Do They Really Know The Web Host They Review?

If you ponder a bit you will come to know that it is practically not possible for a person to test each host and then write about its good or bad points. A normal webmaster may have used 2-4 web hosts or may be one odd more but not 20s or 30s number, it seem quite irrational if somebody claims so. In my over a decade of web hosting experience, I tried just about 4 hosting companies.

There are of course some big review websites who have tried different web hosts and then basing on their experience give them the rating they deserve. There number is so small that you have to dig deep down to find such websites. I write reviews only of those companies with whom I have some experience and if you read InMotion WordPress hosting review then you will agree with me that it is totally based on facts and figures.

Some big and popular web host review sites are offered free web hosting by the hosts to test them for a good review. However then and element of doubt comes here because maybe the web host gives them excellent hosting for a good review, but that is that.

So what can be done for it? We will see how to counter all these tactics and doubts to get good web hosting in upcoming posts, so stay tuned and you may like to subscribe to the web hosting news feed to remain updated about the subject.


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