Myth of Unlimited In Web Hosting

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Web Hosting

Web hosting shopping has become very tricky indeed due to lot of colorful and attractive web hosting packages. Different hosting companies offer a variety of hosting packages that seems attractive for (mostly) newbie a lot. Whereas seasoned web masters look out for some additional features in a web hosting package.

The most attractive and shiny (or marketing tactics) is to offer unlimited packages, like unlimited disk space, bandwidth, domains, sub domains, e-mail accounts, FTP and databases etc. Now let’s see what it all mean by “unlimited”.

Unlimited Webhosting

This all information is based on my over nine years of online presence.

Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth

No doubt it seems to be a very attractive offer on a 7$- 8$ monthly shared hosting package, isn’t it? On the other hand a costly dedicated server hosting package offers 1000 GB or so for about 100$, so why to go for an expensive package when you are getting everything unlimited at peanut price? Isn’t it a common sense question?

Is FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and other web giants are hosted on monthly unlimited package or they spend million of dollars on their hosting servers?

The point is that shared web hosting is mostly used by small websites with normal web visitors and average content on them. They don’t use much of the disk space and bandwidth. Some of the good web hosting companies have put a small asterisk mark with word “unlimited” in their hosting packages. The details are buried deep inside some where in their terms of use page or others. I am sure nobody bothers to dig so deep inside. If you are using exclusive WordPress hosting then your WordPress web host must declare everything clearly that how many visitors your site can sustain with a particular hosting package. Normally good web hosts that offer WordPress hosting these days don't hide anything from their clients but it is better to clarify the things before hand to save yourself from un-necessary trouble at the later stages.

I read somewhere that your unlimited disk space and bandwidth etc depends upon inodes which are used by you. These are given on your hosting control panel and I will write in more details about it later.

Unlimited Domain/Sub Domains

How many new domains are you going to register 5, 10 or 15? Is it easy for a single webmaster with small budget to maintain all the domains? Until and unless you are a big internet company with a large number of employees, it is practically impossible to maintain a large website/blog portfolio. In that case you will have dedicated servers running for you.

So the web hosting companies know that a web master will not be able to host many websites. It is just an attractive offer or a marketing tactics. A thing that you don’t need is made available to you at no extra cost.

Unlimited FTP Accounts/My SQL Databases

Same goes for this offer, how many FTP accounts and SQL databases have you ever used? Not many so it is also a thing which attracts many newbie. Remember nothing is unlimited or free in web hosting world.

These were some of the things which I learned and with my experience I can confidently say that you don’t require all these things unlimited. So in future you should never get attracted with only the word “unlimited” in any web hosting company offer.


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