Live Chat Support Trap of Web Hosts

While researching web hosts for buying a hosting plan you must have come across live chat of some of the hosting companies. The option is mostly located at the top right corner or at a conspicuous place with a beautiful and smiling lady ready to help you.

With the green button on and the text ‘Live Chat Online’ attracts everybody and we get an impression that this web host is just a click away from us. This hold good for the top web hosts but let’s carryout the ‘insider chat support story’.

When you click on the live chat support option a small window opens asking you some information. The most important of all the information that you require to fill in is your e-mail and the information whether you are a new customer or an existing one.

Let’s face the truth, if you are a business then whom will you give priority? Of course the new customer, because the existing customer has already paid you and new has yet to loosen his pockets for you and the same goes to the web hosting business.

The support chat system is so designed that new customers are redirected to the staff that is marketing expert and they handle you with a special tone. The main point here is the ‘wait time’, new customers are connected to chat person very quickly as compared to others. This leaves a very good impression of the web hosting company on the potential client and he thinks that they will be available in the same manner whenever he will require them in future.

Personnel Experience With Arvixe & Hostgator

When I first wanted to sign up with Arvixe I contacted them through their live chat. I was immediately attended by a very friendly and cooperative chat person who guided me perfectly about all the process and helped me to set up my account.

Since I was experienced in managing the hosting cpanel so for a very long time I didn’t required their support. After 4 months or so I had a problem and contacted the live support chat of course this time as an existing customer with primary domain. To my horror I started getting messages after small durations that ‘all technicians are busy, please wait’ and this continued for quite a long.

As a result I have to disconnect and resort to the ticket support system. Same is the case with Hostgator who start their wait time at 30 minutes (now who has such a long time to waste…)

Authors' Notes

It is advisable not to depend solely on chat technicians and never ever expect that level and quality of live chat support will always remain the same. Be knowledgeable enough and try to solve your minor hosting problems yourself. Contact the support through ticket system or if there’s an emergency then resort to telephone support. Good luck


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