Beware of Unlimited Web Hosting Trap

The term ‘unlimited’ is very attractive indeed and when it comes to web hosting plans offers like ‘unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space’ and things like that many webmasters get misguided. Remember these are just marketing tactics and there’s nothing unlimited sort of thing anywhere.

You must have come across very cheap shared hosting plans offered by number of web hosts that include unlimited bandwidth, space and facility to host unlimited websites etc. and surprisingly the price is just $5-$7 or may be $10 monthly.

Now see the expensive hosting plans with an imposed limit on the same things. The question is that if a hosting company is so generous to offer unlimited things at such a low price then why to pay more for expensive hosting plans that to with limits?

‘Scratch your head buddies and think over it.’

So what is In It?

Some web hosts put a small star or asterisk mark with the word ‘unlimited’ in their hosting plans that means there’s something more in it that require your attention. Some other good web hosts clearly refer it to their fair usage policy or terms of service etc.

If you go through their terms or usage policy (that very less of us do) you will come to know that there are several limitations on your so called ‘unlimited shared hosting plans’

A True Incident about Unlimited Hosting

One of my friends happily bought a shared hosting plan from Hostgator after falling prey to the word ‘unlimited’. After hosting his blog, one of his post went viral and it started attracting lot of visitors and his earnings also increased dramatically. After couple of days he told me that his website is not working, on checking he received an e-mail from Hostgator telling him to upgrade to VPS or dedicated server hosting because his website is consuming to much server resources.

He told them that he signed up the hosting package that offers unlimited bandwidth and space then why to upgrade? The reply was simply a professional e-mail referring him to the ‘fair usage policy and terms of use’ sort of things. When he tried to read documents everything went above his head because the text was full of technical and legal terms that a common layman would hardly understand.

As a result he lost traffic and his website for the time being until he upgraded his hosting plan. Things got settled, he got on the track again but you can easily feel the pain and frustration of a blogger whose blog got popular but soon everything blew away.

These true incidents and stories are to learn lessons and avoid the pitfalls. If you have some interesting or painful story or true incident then share it with me for the benefit of others.

What Can Be Done about It?

If you are a seasoned and expert webmaster then you must be aware of such things and know how to avoid the pitfalls. However if you are a newbie and not much knowledgeable about web hosting then you may like to do something as mentioned in the preceding paragraphs:

1. Never ever get tempted or lured by such type of glamorous advertising of the hosting companies. Think rationally and always question yourself that why a hosting company will hand over you their unlimited server resources at just 5-10 buck per month?

2. If you have just a couple of websites with low traffic then go for a cheaper shared web hosting plan. Be watchful and constantly monitor your web stats. The moment you feel that your traffic is increasing, be prepared to upgrade your hosting plan before somebody tells you. This will save you from un-necessary trouble and mental tension.

3. if you already own a high traffic blog and searching for the best web hosting plan then carryout your research thoroughly and buy that plan that suits your requirement and budget.

4. if you are starting an online business then plan about the future growth of it well before time. Say if you are running an online store with sufficient earnings then you won’t like to get closed only due to server resources limitations. So you need to buy a good business web hosting or dedicated server plan before your site gets closed by your web host.

That is all I can think out, if you have any further suggestions do share them with me so that I can add here for the benefits of other fellow webmasters.

Final Word

These were some of the points to help you avoid the unlimited hosting trap tactics used by some of the web hosts. Be realistic in your thoughts and develop a habit of questioning yourself about such things that seem very attractive. Remember the famous saying ‘all that glitters is not gold’. Good luck


Ejaz Alam is a webmaster, pro-blogger & SEO consultant, loves to write on different topics related to web tech and life matters. A self-learned and successful cyberpreneur with no formal computer course, learn more about Ejaz Alams’ Online Journey and connect with him at Google+, Facebook, Twitter