FTC Disclosure of EjazAlam

To state clearly: We earn referral fee if anybody buys any product like web hosting using our referral link.

BUT there's nothing to worry about, because EjazAlam.com is owned and operated by Ejaz Alam and is not a professional review website where you can find reviews and recommendations about different product. I only endorse or recommend that product or company about which I have personnel experience or one of my friend or family member has tried that company.

That is why you will find very small number of affiliate links in my website and on the pages containing any referral link it is very clearly stated at the top of the page and beginning of the post.

Does Affiliate Links Affect You?

No, absolutely no, because the company compensates me from its own share and in no way the price of the product or service increases for you. In some cases you will get certain discounts while buying through my referral link. So be at totally peace about this matter.

Why Affiliate Links?

To maintain a website online requires lot of expenditures, so I have to earn some money in order to keep it live for you, so earning through affiliate programs and advertising is the sole income of EjazAlam.com.

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