How to Get Quality Traffic from Article Directories?

Yahoo Answers is one of the most neglected method of getting quality, targeted traffic to your website/blog. Yahoo Answers is used by millions of people daily in search of answers to their questions. Some of them are so worried and desperate about their problems that they request people to provide them quick right solution.

If you own a website or blog and have some knowledge about a particular subject, you can drive immense traffic to it by making proper use of Yahoo Answers. For this you need to have a Yahoo ID in order to login into your account. Search for available topics about which you know something and which are related to your blog.

Read the question properly and understand the problem of the person. Formulate a good answer which provides some sort of help to him. Yahoo has given an option to cite the source of your answer. Using that option just add a link to the related article you have on your blog. This link will give an option to the reader to explore further. If your answer is of any interest to him there are 90% chances that he will click on the link to your blog.

Don’t think that you are allowed to answer only 40 questions for level 2 so this means less traffic. In addition to that particular reader, there are number of other with the same question. They will also read your answer which means additional traffic. I got thirty visitors from one answer. Google search results also show pages from Yahoo Answers so lot of traffic is waiting for you to be tapped.

If you are desperate to answer more questions then make 3 or more Yahoo IDs. So that if your quota for one ID is exhausted, you can use other IDs to answer additional questions.

To cite the source of your answers, you have to give full path of the particular URL. For this you need not open your web pages several times. Make a normal HTML sitemap of your site and when you need to cite the URL simply right click on the required link and ‘copy link location’ and paste it in the box.

It does require a little bit of hard work but as you get used to, you will start enjoying it in two ways. Two ways? Yes, you will get a sense of satisfaction that you are solving others problems with your knowledge and second getting targeted traffic for your website/blog.


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