How to Get Quality Traffic from Article Directories?

Getting traffic from article directories is the most widely used method by bloggers and webmasters. Everybody is talking about getting traffic from article directories but a few of them really succeed in it.

Article directories do send immense traffic to your website or blog, but you need to do some extra work for it. Article directories are mostly visited by:

If you are interested in getting traffic from article directories then you have to search for some high traffic article directories. Remember you can’t simply get tons of traffic by writing a few articles with a common resource box.

If your article is good enough then other webmasters will surely try to get it for their blog, people interested in the topic will also read it happily there at the article directory and that’s all but you will not get many visitors to your blog.

This is because article directories have listed related articles on the same topic below your article. So the reader will keep on exploring more articles within the article directory without going to your website or blog.

You can only get traffic from article directories if you have something valuable to offer to your article readers. The best way is to create a short e-book or a video relating the article topic.

Now if you are clever enough to entice them to get more interesting material about their interest, they will surely go to your website to grab it so your resource box plays the most important role.

You need to give a little introduction about yourself and then tell them that if they go to your website or blog they can get more detailed information in the shape of free e-book or video. If you have written an article on ‘weight loss’ then your resource box may look like this:

‘The author/writer is a health specialist/researcher who has written several articles on losing weight. You can download FREE e-book ‘Proven Ways to Lose Weight Forever’ from his website’...or ‘You can watch free videos ‘5 Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast’ on his website’.

Now this type of resource box will definitely entice people to go to your website for getting free e-book or watch the video. It Is just an example, you can come out with variety of better ways. Even the webmasters who want to reprint your article will also visit your site to find things of additional value for their visitors.

This way you will get good traffic which goes wasted otherwise. Select top 10 article directories and submit your best article with interesting and useful thing to offer with it. As soon as your article is published you will surely see a good flow of traffic to your website and blog. Good Luck


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