Make Link Building a Profitable Online Business

For getting good search engine ranking and traffic for a site or blog it is imperative that it should have number of high PR links pointing to it. So link building is the most important task in off page SEO.

Building links for a blog or site is surely a time consuming and difficult task. It takes lot of effort and several months to build good links to your sites.

Practically it is difficult for a single webmaster to make lots of links for his website. This is because there are number of other tasks which a webmaster has to carryout, like writing articles, designing of site etc. So most of them get bored of this link building process.


That is the reason a great number of very good websites and blogs are seen nowhere. This has opened a golden appointment for free lance link builders and companies engaged for this service.

How Link Building can be Made a Business?

If you are interested in this really profitable link building business then declare yourself a link building service company and carryout the following tasks.

1. Make list of high PR dofollow article directories, blogs, classified directories, niche directories, forums, press release and social bookmarking sites. You will find number of them on this website also, additionally carryout extensive researches on the web.

Arrange all your lists in excel sheet as below

S/No – URL – Pagerank – Alex rank – Username – Password – Remarks

Initially you should possess 300-500 URL of each category. You need to check up their data like PR and Alexa Rank periodically. As you know the PR is updates often so you need to be current on this aspect.

2. Select a good domain name for your link building business like acelinkbuilding, etc (if available). Your domain should tell about your business somehow or the other.

3. Write a series of 10-20 articles on link building topic and start posting them on your website. Submit some good articles to high pagerank article directories.

4. Use your list for building quality back links for your own business site so that it can achieve high pagerank. This is because your potential clients need a proof of the quality of your services. If your own website/blog is of say PR 8, they will happily ask you to help them achieving this pagerank.

5. Study the websites involved in this business very closely. Check up their products, services and rates etc. After that decide your own rates for particular service. For example how much do you want to charge to submit 5 articles to 200 article directories? etc. Similarly make different packages and post them on your website.

6. Try to keep your rates competitive with additional benefits and bonuses etc. Say if one of your clients asks for 100 back links; give him 10 links as a bonus. When that client us satisfied with your service, ask him for a testimonial which can be posted on your website. This will increase the confidence of other potential clients.

7. If you have delivered your services timely and won the confidence of your clients, they may buy additional packages from you. Additionally they might recommend your services to their friends. Remember word of mouth advertising is most effective method of advertising.

How To Succeed In Your Link Building Business?

Initially you may not be very successful but as your site grows old people will show confidence on you. To be successful you need to take your website to a level where people envy you. This surely requires lot of hard work at your end but it will really pay you in a short span of time. Most important things for your success are:

Good luck in your Link Building Business.


Ejaz Alam is a webmaster, pro-blogger & SEO consultant, loves to write on different topics related to web tech and life matters. A self-learned and successful cyberpreneur with no formal computer course, learn more about Ejaz Alams’ Online Journey and connect with him at Google+, Facebook, Twitter

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