How to Ask Visitors to Click on Your Ads Legally?

Is there any legal way in which you can tell your blog visitors to click on your ads? We the bloggers can’t tell our visitors to click on adsense ads and it all depends upon their sweet wish and will to do so. Then what can be done to increase the click through rate?

If we can’t tell them to click on the ads, then let the ads speak for themselves. As ads can only live and fed if they are occasionally clicked otherwise they will die soon. You need to help your ads to survive, as your survival as a webmaster/blogger depends on “ad clicks” isn’t it Molly?

So let’s get going on this. This is for sure that your adsense ads will never get clicked if they are not relevant to the page content. Say if your webpage is about ‘saving money’ and the ads displayed are about ‘dancing’ nobody will click them. So no adsense revenue to you.

You need to have some basic (over emphasized) information about SEO, i.e. key word optimization. Google bots are fed on ‘words’ as title, description or your page content words. The most important in sequence are title words, description, key and words sufficiently used in the content body. When all the ‘words’ say a ‘same thing’ then the spiders, crawlers, bots or whatever will get convinced that this webpage is about a certain thing.

Say a webpage is about ‘saving money on groceries’ and all the above ‘words’ say the same thing throughout the page, then these machines will get convinced. They will quickly sort out their ad inventory and serve ads relevant to ‘save money on groceries’ on that page.

Now the visitor will get interested in the ads also after reading the page content. However still there is some work to be done. If visitors don’t find your ads properly or the ads don’t speak out then they will not be clicked. You need to help your ads to dress up properly and stand attractively for the visitors to meet them. Remember beautiful people and ads do get noticed and embraced as well.

Your ads may stand out, blend or whatever but they should look good. Remember normal blue color is a globally recognized link color. Web surfers are getting wiser enough to recognize the ads. So the webmasters also need to be cleverer. Read a true story How a Visitor Is Tempted to Click On The Ads?


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