How a Visitor Is Tempted to Click On The Ads - A True Story

Adsense publishers use number of techniques to make Google adsense attractive enough so that their blog visitors click on them and there is nothing wrong with it as Google itself advise its publishers about it. Let me share a true story about how a normal visitor click on adsense ads.

I went to visit a friend of mine who runs an advertising agency and use computer for general purposes. During our conversation I told him that I have written an interesting article on ‘women fashion’. He asked me the web address so that he can check it up. He opened that article page and started reading it.

When he was in the middle of the article the webpage changed and I could see a new webpage. I asked him that what have you done, are you not interested in the article? He said there was a subheading ‘fashionable girls’ on the side so I clicked on it and a new page has opened up.

I told him that he clicked on an ad, whereas I wanted his comments on the article. He said ‘I don’t know whether it was an ad or a subheading but it seemed more interesting to me to see ‘fashionable girls’. That’s it.

Same story is repeated with most of our blog visitors who click on adsense ads in the same manner. Since that page was successfully stuffed with relevant keywords like ‘women fashion, girl fashion, fashionable’ etc so the adsense ads spoke for themselves. Similarly when a visitors finishes reading an article he need to learn more. Good ad placement at the bottom of the article also pays rich dividends.


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