Why WordPress Recommends Just 1 Web Host?


It is strange to note that the on the official website of WordPress there’s only one web host that is recommended by them i.e. Bluehost where as there are number of other better hosting companies like InMotion WordPress Hosting and to name others Arvixe and another hosting giant HostGator etc.

I often think about it that why is it so? And this question of course arises in the mind of several other webmasters and bloggers like me.

Maybe WP has some special business arrangements with them or there is some other reason that they don’t want to disclose.

Whatever the reasons they have, of course there are other web hosts that are providing extremely better and cheaper services than BlueHost. I have researched and used many web hosts during my decade+ online career but there is none best than InMotion not only because of the best price they offer but also for expert friendly support and quality of service.

With a free domain and the number of sites allowed on one hosting makes InMotion the number one choice for thousands of webmasters worldwide.

It seems strange that WP is recommending just one, whereas it would have been much better if they have recommended 3-5 web hosts and then left the choice with the bloggers to decide. No doubt about the fact that WordPress is used by millions of bloggers and webmasters and is a trusted open source platform. However point to remember is that it is only best platform and in no way a web hosting company itself.

So if you are a newcomer to the online world then don’t limit your thoughts to just one web hosts and read the WordPress hosting comparison to know the ifs & buts of the hosting companies providing WordPress hosting. Since it is your business website and you are the only best person to decide about its future.

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