Which Platform is Best for Blogging?

Best Blogging Platforms

Sharing one’s views and knowledge with others is liked by almost by everyone and blogging is the best way to do so. For this you simply need some content to share, a WordPress blog and good web host that can help you to showcase your blog and to select the best one you need to read WordPress Hosting Comparisons decide better and wisely.  Of course it is not that simple as I said just now and you need to have some basic tech know how about the things. However good news is the matter is not that complicated as made by several people.

Guys who are new and couldn’t decide about the platform that can help them blog effectively, my advice is to use WordPress as it is the best blogging platform for everybody.

The main benefit of using WordPress is that it is open source script that is totally free and available for download for anybody who needs it. Due to its ease of use and scalability it is presently used by millions of webmasters and bloggers.

There’s a myth about WordPress that it can only be used for blogging and if you need a static website then it may not be helpful to you. This is totally wrong because a WordPress platform can also be used to develop static websites.

In the beginning I used the word ‘scalability’ for it that means it is so scalable that a website with static html extension can also be easily added. Using the options given in the dashboard you can quickly show people that it not a dynamic blog but a static website.

Another reason to use WordPress as a platform for your blog is the vast availability of plugin that can spice up your blog in whatever manner you want to show it. There are literally thousands of plugin that can meet your any need you can think of. Before I forget let me tell you that to get the best hosting you must read InMotion WordPress Hosting Review yourself so that you can decide better, it offers you many options that will be beneficial for you. Back to our topic of plugin, one thing to remember is that the plugin those are freely available for free download may contain some bugs about which you have to be very careful.

The best way is to only download them from WordPress official website and not from any of the private site.

As far as the designing is concerned, availability of free and paid themes on the internet is a blessing for the bloggers who want to use WordPress as a platform. Any color and design that appeals you will be readily available for making your website stand out.

To cut short I can confidently say that whether you are a serious blogger or just want to blog for fun on part time basis WordPress is the only platform that has a solution for you.

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