Excellent Chat Support of InMotion Hosting

I had to contact the support department of InMotion Hosting couple of months before to clarify something. I am happy to see such a fine support through chat of the said web hosts. Firstly I got connected very quickly, about less than a minute wait time, secondly the chat technician named Adam C was very courteous and know his job very well.

The way he handled my questions was superb. The most important point due to which I have to mention this thing in my blog post is the follow up action of InMotion hosting support person. Due to some reason I got disconnected from the chat and felt sorry because my important question was about to be answered because I could see the text ‘Adam C is typing’ but I was unable to re-connect for a long time.

So I thought that I will contact them at some other time but to my surprise I got the follow up e-mail from the said person with the answer to my left out question. He very respectfully asked me if I had any other question.

This has left really an excellent impression on me, though I am not their present client but such gesture had made me think that if I needed any new hosting then my first choice will of course be InMotion hosting.

If you had any such experience with your host please do share it with me so that I can mention it at my blog for the knowledge and information of others.

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