What is SERP?

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: SEO

SERP(s) - Search engine result pages(s) are series of pages that are shown after a user searches for a particular term. For example if you need to search a term 'webmaster', you type it into the search box of a search engine and hit search.

You will be presented with a SERP no. 1 showing the links related to the term 'webmaster'.

At the top of the SERP some basic information will be given about the search results as, number of total search results relating to the query and time taken for searching it etc. This tells you that your required search query is contained into this number of pages and the search engine is showing 1-10 results from the total searches.

At the bottom of the SERP a series of number can be found with the help of which you can easily navigate to other SERP(s).

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