Using SEO For Brand Awareness

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: SEO

Using SEO for brand awareness is an overlooked benefit of SEO because there is a common prevailing belief that SEO is only meant for achieving high ranking on the SERPs. Most of the people tend to overlook another important benefit of SEO and that is ‘brand awareness’ that can play an important role in achieving effective online presence.

This is particularly very important for the companies and online businesses that are serious about the matter. When people search for the terms/words related to you and they find you, say in top 5 positions and they don’t click on your link but even then you get lot of benefit of your brand awareness.

People searching online mostly scan the title of the search results that is given in bold. Then if the title is attractive that means almost the same what they are searching then they may read the description given under it.

Brand Awareness

You must have noticed that along with the title the name of the website is also given. So when a searcher reads the title he will automatically reads the name also. Now if you are a company or an individual looking for an effective online presence then number of people will see your brand name there.

Now if you have used the SEO techniques properly for number of keywords and you are ranking high for hundreds of them then thousands of people will read your brand name (whether they click on the link or not). As a result this brand name will get registered in their mind thus giving you respect and fame.

When people find you often then they will start trusting you and a time will come when they start clicking on your link to find more details about you.

Then it is your obligation to provide the visitors with what you have advertised. This means that whatever is in the title should also be available to them on your website. So initially if you are not getting visitors through search engines despite of achieving high ranking then there’s nothing to get disappointed about because you are of course getting a big advantage of getting in to peoples’ mind.

Knowing your company name or seeing your brand name time and again by your potential clients will surely benefit you in the long run. So never think that SEO is used for only getting traffic through search engines. Be patient and consistent in your efforts and you will be on your way to become a good cyberpreneur who owns a successful and profitable online business.


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